Lancôme Monsieur huge Mascara as well as Marker

That’s Lancôme Monsieur huge Marker liner on my upper lids, MAC Prissy Princess combination on my eyes, MAC Fleur Power blush on my cheeks, as well as Nudestix Matte Lipstick in Saint on my læber.
Lancôme’s new Monsieur huge collection, which includes a mascara as well as a separate liner, is so undoubtedly a shout-out to Sex as well as the City’s colossal character, however ya know, I’m team Aiden for Life, since when a guy volunteers to buff your hardwood floors…that’s true like ideal there.

Team Aiden for life, yo
The Monsieur huge collection is new to Lancôme

The collection includes a $25 black mascara, a $25 black liquid liner as well as a new line of five chubby $25 brow crayons (haven’t tried those, though), all of which are offered on Lancôme counters as well as the Lancôme web site nu. I’m quite sure they’re all LE.


Lancôme Monsieur huge Mascara ($25)

Layers upon layers

Monsieur huge Mascara is all about length, meaning as well as texture, however you requirement A great deal of layers to get there.

I phone call these rock ‘n’ roll lashes since if you look carefully at them after stacking on a few layers, the lashes look bumpy, as well as the a lot more layers you apply, the bumpier they get.

It’s a casually remarkable lash look in shape for musicians as well as actresses (or you as well as me!), since you can see the lashes from truly far away. as well as the long-lasting, sweat-proof formula won’t go anywhere, not even under hot stage lights.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

This is me using five (!) layers of Monsieur huge Mascara on my upper lashes.
To get to that point on its own, though, takes me about four layers.

So, I believe of this as a real-deal layering mascara that works finest when you integrate it with other mascaras in your arsenal, as well as I like utilizing it with a base of MAC additional dimension Waterproof, which thickens the roots as well as locks down the lash curl (two things that Monsieur huge needs a bit assist with), upon which I add a couple coats of Monsieur Big.

Lancôme Monsieur huge Marker liner ($25)
Lancôme Monsieur huge Marker liner for thin, rich, shiny black lines

I like Lancôme Monsieur huge Marker liner for a extremely certain look — skinny, intensely black shiny lines on my upper lids (goes truly well with with mattes as well as satin shadows). The rigid felt applicator has a slanted idea that tapers to a extremely fine point, as well as I’m diggin’ that fine point. It draws thin, exact lines, and, when you have restricted lid genuine estate like I do, this is SO. NØGLE.

It dries in less than 30 seconds, too, so you aren’t stuck waiting with your eyes closed for days for your liner to dry, as well as the smudge-proof, water-proof formula lasts of what feels like YEARS.

But drawing flicks at the outer corners with the rigid applicator is hit or miss for me. Sometimes, it goes well, however other times it’s a hot-freakin’ mess, as well as I’m sitting there correcting wings with a odd angle while thinking, “Well, that was a poor idea! I should’ve left well sufficient alone.”

You understand exactly how it is. Those flicks can make or break it, man.

I like versatile liquid liner ideas like the ones from Tom Ford as well as Clinique, however if you can flick with a rigid tip, a lot more power to ya. You’ll most likely like this. perhaps even like it.

I just realized that..

SATC debuted in 1998, which indicates that the show will be 20 years old next year, as well as THAT IS SO crazy TO ME!!! I still keep in mind hearing about it for the very first time from a co-worker as well as having no inkling of what she was speaking about.


I still get emo when I enjoy the last scene from the final season… In lots of ways, I desire they would’ve just ended it there instead of making the movies. It’s still one of my preferred shows, though.

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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