Where Are You at right now in terms of Your foundation Coverage? have You Been using more full Coverage, medium or sheer as well as Why?

using medium-coverage Dior Diorskin nude Air Serum foundation in 40. I like the velvety finish, which isn’t rather a flat matte.
Full protection was my jam for a truly long time. I was all about opaque protection (sometimes, um, it was even borderline cakey).

I believe this was partly since of some skin problems I had a few years ago. I was breaking out badly, as well as I felt like I had to cover whatever up.


Then, slowly however surely, my skin started to improve, however it took a long time. I made some modifications in my diet plan (mainly more water, less dairy) as well as started utilizing different skin products. My skin grew less fussy (although by no means was it ever perfect), as well as I started to feel more comfortable.

But I kept using full coverage.

I still have pigmentation problems right here as well as there as well as other acnes as well as fine lines, things like that. I likewise have my share of freckles, however I’m at a point, at least for now, where I’m more comfortable with that.


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I wear medium as well as sheer protection a great deal now, however I don’t understand if you can always tell in pictures, since I believe I’m getting much better at manipulating the concealer. That’s a huge key. instead of caking all of that foundation on or utilizing tons of full-coverage foundation, I’ll go as light as I can with foundation, as well as then extremely purposefully location concealer to cover — not cover up, since I dislike words like “cover up” as well as “mask” — as well as even out the skin tone. The concept is to let the concealer do all of the heavy lifting.

I believe I’ve likewise gotten much better about utilizing primers. I utilized to believe they were overall B.S. as well as just an additional step, however no, they truly make a significant difference, as well as not just in terms of exactly how long your makeup lasts, however likewise in terms of the structure of your skin.

There’s a great deal of excellent choices available now for primers that smooth the surface as well as blur pores, making whatever you put on top of them look more natural, as well as letting you utilize less makeup overall.

Wearing the wonderful full-coverage Laura Mercier perfect Fluide in Chai
Also using Laura Mercier perfect Fluide in Chai
It’s likewise the time of year. right here in northern California, it’s starting to warm up a little, so I haven’t been wanting to wear a full-coverage face, where you just feel all of that makeup sitting on your skin. I like the concept of heading into spring as well as summertime using less makeup, as well as my skin being able to breathe.

But it’s still been a change. When I went to brunch last Saturday, I used a great deal less makeup than usual, less foundation as well as less makeup in general. I just used a bit of the Dior foundation without any type of concealer, as well as it was surprising to see those unequal areas peeking with in the mirror.


I believe the surprise is partially in my head, though, since I’m so utilized to seeing myself in full coverage, as well as the whole, “this is exactly how my skin looks??” however this is exactly how my skin looks. I do have some parts that are not as even toned as others, as well as that’s totally fine.

How about you, my friend? Where are you at right now in terms of your foundation coverage? have you been using more full coverage, medium or sheer as well as why?

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