MAC Eyes on MAC: Semi wonderful Times nine

Eyes on MAC Semi-Sweet Times nine Eye shadow X ($32)
Hi, guys! Karen from makeup as well as beauty Blog, as well as my molar back right here is feeling a bit achy since I’ve got a wonderful tooth! (badum-tish!)

Yes, I’m sure you understand exactly how much I like puns by now.


I’m wonderful on the Eyeshadow X 9: Semi-Sweet Times nine combination from the new MAC Eyes on MAC collection, which is a bit uncomfortable to state out loud, yeah?

OK, so this one’s coming out on March 2nd, which is in just a few days, as well as will be on the internet as well as in stores up until April 13th.

It’s all about the six X 9 Eye shadow Palettes, four of which are new, as well as two are re-promotes from the long-term line. They’re $32 each.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Swatches of MAC Eye shadow X 9 in Semi-Sweet Times Nine
I wouldn’t normally get as well excited about these combination because…I dunno…in the past, I just haven’t been as well crazy about them. They aren’t… The shadows in them just aren’t of the exact same high quality as the full-size MAC pans. I have to push a bit harder to get them on my clean or layer a bit more than I’m utilized to with the routine MAC shadows… Oh, as well as clean up more fallout, too!

But this one, Semi-Sweet, is truly friggin’ good! I’m type of shocked. very first of all, let’s just phone call this Karen makeup crack, alright? nine shadows. All neutral. All matte. HALLELUJAH! ‘Tis glorious as well as totally my thing.

And these are super soft, with the exception of two of the shades — Bamboo as well as Carbon, which are a bit rigid as well as requirement some elbow grease to pick up. The other shadows are extremely soft. I’m able to quickly pick them up with my brush, as well as they blend beautifully. No problems with them at all! as well as extremely bit fallout.

Here’s the thing, though:

Yes, there’s a caveat to this palette.

I notice that when I layer the shadows on top of thicker bases — paint Pots, cream shadow sticks, even pencil liner — the powders look heavy, meaning that they look like they’re sitting on top of my skin, so if you’ve got any type of fine line action happening, your fine lines will look more obvious than they will with some other matte shadows like the ones in the Dolce & Gabbana’s Desert Quad.

I’m using Semi-Sweet Times nine on my lids, MAC Gingerly on my cheeks as well as NARS famous Red on my lips
With thinner bases, though — basically anything non-creamy, like NARS pro Prime or any type of of the metropolitan Decay primer Potions — the shadows don’t look heavy. They look great.

Bottom line is that as long as you don’t plan to do a great deal of layering on top of thicker bases, you’re golden.

I truly dig this palette. It isn’t perfect, however it’s a great bit combination for $32. The colors are truly neutral, too, not as well warm nor cool, so if you plan to get other shadows up in the mix, these shades should work with great deal of colors.


Din venlige Community Beauty Addict,


S.s. appears like we made it! exactly how was your Monday, babe? I hope it was wonderful.

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