Dear Clinique beyond Perfecting Foundation: It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Dear Clinique beyond Perfecting Foundation,

I really wished to like you. I truly tried to make it work, however today I realized I have to let you go.


When we very first went into each other’s lives, I had stars in my eyes. I’d heard what everybody had to state about you, as well as they were nothing however fantastic things. So I grabbed my preferred buffing clean as of late as well as got to work.

Åh gud. I couldn’t believe it — you were so simple to blend, to build, as well as your finish was so even as well as just… perfect. I’ve never seen myself with so few freckles, however then again, I don’t generally go for fuller protection foundations like you.

Clinique beyond Perfecting foundation + Concealer ($27)
As I went on with the rest of my makeup, I kept remarking at exactly how incredible my base looked. It seemed like we were rather a match, however there’s something you should know… I don’t truly autumn easily, or ever at all. I can’t assist however expect disaster.


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“This photograph is my proof. There was that afternoon, when things were still great between us.” – Duane Michals
While we seemed to be compatible on so many levels, you were a few shades as well dark for me from the get-go. like can need some sacrifice, as well as I understood that.

So we went out into the world together, as well as I was feeling like a overall boss.

Eventually, the dream started to fade as well as truth began to set in. A few hours after we left, I looked in the mirror, as well as you separated across my skin the method oil beads up around water. It didn’t assist that you weren’t rather my shade, which just exacerbated the exposure of our impending separation.

Clinique beyond Perfecting foundation + Concealer in 5 breeze compared to comprise For ever Ultra HD invisible Cover foundation in Y205 Alabaster

You truly let me down.

I’m just 23. All around, I’m quite simple going — my skin as well as I aren’t extremely fussy, too oily, or as well dry. We’re right down the middle. fine lines haven’t settled in yet, as well as I don’t have big pores, acne, or much diverse texture. I can’t picture what you’d have done to me if I did.

By the way, the applicator is big (compared to metropolitan Decay naked Skin Weightless total protection Concealer on the right)
I couldnt let you go that easily. You were special to me. I had to try everything.

So I woke up the next day as well as utilized my beauty Blender. We went with the exact same high of flawlessness for about five minutes before you decided to like my beauty Blender more than my face, as well as you refused to stick around.

I tried more product, tried likewise utilizing a setting spray to meld whatever together so I could apply one more layer on top, however not even that worked. You’d already made up your mind. You liked my beauty Blender more.

So then I turned to the Internet. I read the declares as well as recommendations on, as well as though they were so far from what I had experienced, I was determined and took their advice.

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding! So, today I sat down for round 3. I really want to like you.

I’m utilizing one more buffing clean as well as a single dip into the bottle for application, just like Sephora told me to.

Alright, we’re good… This might work. This might totally work. I’m adding a small bit more in troublesome areas, as well as then setting it with a light dusting of my trusty powder. As I finish the rest of my makeup, I notice my base is still looking fantastic. Ja! This is going to work. Our time is now!


But it was short lived. I looked in the mirror a couple hours later, as well as you’d separated into lines I didn’t even understand I had. That was the last straw. Det er overstået. We are not compatible.

But just since we didn’t in shape doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving of somebody else’s face. I hope you discover that match. I desire it could’ve been me. What we had for a overall of, like, an hour as well as a half was incredible.

Ikke din,

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