5 springy new reasons to stop by make up For ever

wearing new spring 2015 makeup from make up For Ever
Rouge artist intense 53, $20

Rouge artist intense lipstick in 53, a pearly, pinkish copper
I’m picking up Chanel vibes from this warm pearlescent pink lipstick. The long-lasting, highly pigmented formula feels a little thick and reminds me of Coco’s Rouge Allures.

The pearlescent copper sprinkled through the pink base? That could easily pass for something Chanel might do for spring.


Super pretty!

If your lips happen to be chapped or otherwise textured, try layering a pink gloss on top to tone down the pearl, lest it emphasize any flakes or lip lines.

Coming March 2015 to make up For ever Boutiques, counters and Sephora.

Rouge artist intense 54, $20

Rouge artist intense lipstick in 54, a pearly golden pink
Like Rouge artist intense 53, warm pearly golden pink 54 has very little patience for imperfect lips.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Oh, but the color… Breathtaking. It’s practically like a lipstick version of MAC Nymphette Lipglass.

I like to layer a gloss like shimmery beige MUFE’s lab shine Lip Gloss in D16 on top of this one to slightly downplay and soften the impact of the pink and pearl and create a pretty pinkish nude.

Coming March 2015 to make up For ever Boutiques, counters, and Sephora.

Ink Liner, $23

MUFE’s Ink Liner
Decidedly dark and marvelously matte, this pigmented liquid liner has high-fashion runway look written all over it.

Super stark and very cool, especially if you’re banging out a bold ’60s-style liner.

The firm suggestion stays stiff when I run it across my lash lines, which makes drawing crisp edges a bit of a challenge for (I’m much more of a flexible felt suggestion gal), so I keep an angled brush and a pot of black gel liner close to smooth out any jagged areas.

Available now at make up For ever Boutiques, counters and Sephora.

Graphic Liner, $24

Make Up For ever graphic Liner
You might remember this intense black liquid liner from the 50 shades of Grey set. That vinyl finish? Wow! It shines brighter than a pair of kinky dominatrix boots.

The felt suggestion makes it easy to draw precise, thin lines, but like the Ink Liner, it’s quite stiff and inflexible. It took me a while to figure out how to get smooth edges out with it, but practice makes perfect! now I really like this one, especially for accurate kitten flicks.

Available now at make up For ever Boutiques, counters and Sephora.

Smoky stretch Mascara, $24

MUFE Smoky stretch Mascara
Ooh! — this one’s beautiful for straight-up length and definition when you don’t want to deal with flakes and smudging. A couple whacks from the wand, and my lashes stretch like they’re in Bikram yoga!

If you want better curl hold and much more volume, two things Smoky stretch doesn’t really do well, you’ll want to use it with a lash primer, possibly one like Estee Lauder’s little Black Primer.

Coming March 2015 to make up For ever Boutiques, counters and Sephora.

Spring 2015 swatches from the left: 53, 54, Ink liner and graphic Liner
Wearing graphic liner and Smoky stretch Mascara on my eyes and Rouge artist intense 53 on my lips
That’s Rouge artist intense 54 on mah pout…


Your friendly neighborhood MUFE addict,


S.s. pleased hump day, babe.

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