I Can’t believe I’ve never tried Dior ‘Diorshow Mono’ Eyeshadow

Kicking myself for not trying these Dior eyeshadows sooner!
As much as I like Dior, I can’t believe I never tried the Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows before now!

I mean, I haven’t been completely living under a rock, since I do have an eyeshadow combination or two, as well as I like the sparkly Diorshow combination Mono Eyeshadows. And I’m likewise a fan of Dior foundations as well as brow products, and these nail polishes look amazing, so I truly have no reason for not trying them sooner.


This spring Dior released nine new shades of their $29.50 Diorshow eyeshadow, as well as right here are four of my favorites from the line: Gallery, a soft champagne gold with a satin/shimmer finish; Minimalism, a grayish taupe with a satin finish; Atmosphere, a cool-toned purple with a satin finish; as well as Power, a rich plum with a satin finish.

Here are two sets of swatches in different lighting:

Swatches of the Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows (L to R): Gallery, Minimalism, Atmosphere, as well as Power.
Swatches of the Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows (L to R): Gallery, Minimalism, Atmosphere, as well as Power
These eyeshadows look quite basic in their pans, however get them on your skin in the sun? Wow! They’re much more complex than they seem, as well as there’s a truly quite (but subtle) shimmer running throughout. I believe they’re fantastic if you like matte shadows however want ones that won’t look so flat. I’m truly amazed by exactly how gorgeous these eyeshadows are. If you’ve wondered about them, certainly take a look in a store! I don’t believe that photos on the internet can do them justice.


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The re-vamped eyeshadows are so smooth as well as pigmented

Oh, as well as because we’re speaking about Dior, exactly how do you feel about Diorshow mascara? I keep in mind when it very first came out years ago, as well as everybody was obsessed. I because moved on to as well dealt with much better Than Sex, however then I heard that Dior just recently reformulated Diorshow, enriching it with microfibers for that false lash effect. They came out earlier this spring in four restricted edition shades — Pro Mahogany #778, Pro Magenta #868, pro Navy #288 and Pro Anthracite #088. Here’s a look at pro Navy as well as pro Anthracite.

Limited edition Diorshow mascara in pro Anthracite as well as pro Navy
Both of them provide you much more of a subtle effect, with Anthracite being an off-black color that’s fantastic if you want a natural eye look, whereas pro Navy is a truly quite navy that shows up well in sunlight, however the color’s less visible in other kinds of light. 

I like the wand they include since it applies without clumping, however I can’t state that I’ve been blown away by the new formula. It certainly darkens my lashes as well as keeps them separated, however I don’t notice any type of major lengthening. I don’t know… perhaps I’ll modification my mind after a few much more uses.

The packaging is so stylish as well as luxe!


Here I’m using Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow in Minimalism over my lids, as well as environment along my lower lash line. as well as then that’s Diorshow Mascara in pro Navy gracing my lashes.

Wearing the Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows in Minimalism as well as Atmosphere, together with Diorshow Mascara in pro Navy
Again, Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows in Minimalism as well as Atmosphere, as well as Diorshow Mascara in pro Navy
For the rest of my makeup, I’m using Pur Hydrafluid Water Serum foundation in Tan with a bit Dior Diorskin nude Air Serum foundation in 040 for additional protection // Becca luminous blush in Foxglove (review + swatches coming soon) // Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip in Spritz (review + swatches in this post) topped with NARS lipgloss in Tiber in the bottom picture.

Do you like the Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows, as well as have you tried the new Diorshow Mascara? I’d like to right here your thoughts!

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