Accessorize Me! 13 Playfully Pink shoes From DSW

adidas pink shoes
Accessorize Me! is a new series featuring roundups as well as single product features of shoes, bags, fashion jewelry as well as other accessories that catch my eye.

Me: You don’t requirement one more pair of shoes, Karen.
Also Me: OMG, that pale pink suede pair of Nikes is a absolutely great idea.
Me: Oh, no, those will absolutely get dirty, you understand it, within 2.5 seconds.
Also Me: who the heck cares?!

Girl… I strolled into DSW yesterday as well as was floored by all the adorable tennis shoes. Yeah, I’ve lastly ended up being that person who uses tennis shoes all the time because, well, chasing after a high-energy kid while using heels is a death desire for your ankles.


So, if you’ve checked out MBB for any type of length of time, you most likely understand that, when upon a time, I resided in heels. I liked them so much that I used them everywhere, even to the airport, since I was that severe about having an additional three inches of height on me, LOL!

Ah, great times…

Men nu? now I’m all about adorable tennies.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

It started when Connor (who’s officially a young child now, wah!) ended up being “that kid” (air quotes) — you know, the kid shooting across Costco at the speed of light as well as screaming like a banshee. I swear, that woman has two speeds. She’s either standing still or sprinting for Olympic gold.

So I started using tennis shoes all the time since it’s much easier to catch her in flats, however I’ve likewise realized — OH, SNAP! — that I really like using tennis shoes. My back, shoulders, feet as well as calves no longer ache as much as they did when I used heels 24/7 (go figure!). Plus, there are so lots of adorable styles as well as colors to select from.

Which leads us here, to these 13 pairs of pink shoes from DSW…

1. Nike Court royal Suede, $59.99

Major shoe lust!
My rational side keeps telling me that I’m cray for wanting a pale pink pair of suede Nikes, since I understand they’ll be covered in dirt in less than a day, however I like exactly how the shoe is monochromatic with the pale pink shoelaces as well as pale pink swoosh.

UGH! SOOOOO CUTE! perhaps if I coat the living heck out of them with a suede material protector spray? Or make them my “fancy occasion” tennies?

2. Nike Air Max Motion, $84.99

These are a li’l sportier… I like the pattern on the fabric!
3. Michael Kors Allie Trainer, $99.99

I bet the red pop on the heel would look adorable with a matching red lipstick.
4. Dr. Scholl’s Madison in increased Gold, $49.99

I like the soft radiate on these increased gold goodies…
5. Aldo Zellina, $74.99

This pair must hit the area when you’re in the mood for metallic as well as bling.
6. Aldo Aroalla, $49.99

All pale pink everything!
7. Adidas Neo, $54.99

A pink suede twist on an old classic
8. Aldo MX in Blush, $79.99

The relaxing knit material of this shoe = kicked back as well as casual.
9. Dolce Vita XEXE, $59.99

Pink + shine = yes, please
10. Converse Madison, $64.99

Again with the pink suede! I believe one can officially state that pink suede shoes are having a moment.
11. Sketchers double Up Platform, $59.99

Lookin’ for height? slip some in with these sparkly, shiny pink platforms.
12. Vans Asher, $49.99 as well as 13. Vans Ward, $54.99

Even MOAR pink


Hvad synes du? See anything a like?

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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