The new as well dealt with like Light Prismatic Highlighters in Ray of Light, Blinded By the Light as well as You illuminate My Life

as well dealt with like Light Prismatic Highlighters from the top: Ray of Light, Blinded By the Light as well as You illuminate My Life ($30 each)
Too dealt with innovative director Jerrod Blandino states that when he dreamed up the new like Light Highlighters, he desired something that would catch that glow women get when they’re madly in love.

I wonder, though… Is he just speaking solely about charming love, or do other type of like count? since I can’t lie. I glow when I believe about my feline (It’s true, though. I like HIM.), or when I get a hankering for chocolate doughnuts, just as one more example.


Personally, I’m going to enable myself to pretend that it refers to all type of love, including the type of like reserved for cats as well as doughnuts.

Anywho! These highlighters are new for spring as well as coming March 9th. There are three 0.32-oz. $30 shades.

Rose gold Ray of Light is suggested for all skin tones. metallic white gold Blinded by the Light is suggested for light-to-medium babes. as well as You illuminate My Life is an intensely glittery yellow gold produced medium as well as deeper skin tones.


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$ 42.

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(Props if you got the tune references, BTW, as well as additional props if you sang them out loud.)

Too dealt with like Light Prismatic swatches from the top: Ray of Light, Blinded by the Light as well as You illuminate My Life
Suspended, spherical pearls

Too dealt with declares that the like Lights have a formula that combines a liquid, a cream as well as a powder, as well as instead of having reflective crushed pearl-escent bits like many other highlighters, their bits are bit spheres, which show light from much more angles…

Hey, it seems great to me.

Wearing as well dealt with like Light Prismatic Highlighter in Ray of Light on my upper cheekbones, You illuminate My Life down the bridge of my nose as well as Blinded By the Light in the inner corners


Unlike many powder highlighters that feel like hard-packed powders in their pans, these are surprisingly soft, as well as you pick up a great deal of product when you go at them with a clean or finger.

I’m seeing sunshiny days with Ray of Light

All three of them have different levels of shimmer, however my preferred one is Ray of Light, as well as not just since it’s a Madonna ref. I likewise like the method it shimmers. It has the smallest, finest pearl bits of the bunch, as well as I believe it looks costly on my skin.

It likewise plays well with my fine lines, although I can’t just blend everything willy-nilly, lest I end up with wayward shine on my cheekbones. I still have to blend, blend as well as blend. however I can safely wear it on my upper cheekbones without it emphasizing each as well as every pore, which is great.

Wearing the new as well dealt with natural like combination on my lids as well as Kosas Cosmetics Lipstick in Rosewater
Hello, bling! It’s Blinded By the Light as well as You illuminate My Life

I feel like the other two are most likely finest for teens as well as twenty-somethings. Blinded by the Light is a extremely shiny, frosty metallic, as well as You illuminate My Life has big-honkin’ flecks of yellow gold glitter, a.k.a. “rave glitter.”

I dunno about that one… I feel like I’m trying as well difficult when I wear it. It’s a bit as well much for me, however to every their own, right? If you like high shine, FREAKING opt for IT. Don’t let anybody tell you when you can/can’t shimmer. Nogensinde! If it moves you, it moves you.

Hvor skal man opdage det

Look out for the like Lights when they hit as well dealt with counters in one day.


Din venlige samfunds charme addict,


S.s. pleased worldwide Women’s Day, my friend! Here’s to us, to all our accomplishments, as well as to the incredible things we do for our household as well as friends.

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