Saturday Surfing, September 22nd, 2018

Please note the very game of Thrones-y weirwood tree in the upper left corner (Connor’s idea, not mine).
I’ve come to the realization that “adult” coloring books are a total scam.

They’re expected to be for tension relief, and I love the incredible elaborate artwork. I have a couple of them, but after YEARS I’ve yet to finish a single picture. Ikke en.


Started this bike a year ago; have yet to finish it.
Mostly, it’s because I can never decide what colors to use in the tiny shapes. Like, if I commit to coloring one small triangle in the spokes of this bike wheel with a dark forest green, it essentially sets the tone for the rest of the picture. I’m obsessed with committed to coloring all of the similar triangles the exact same shade of green, and then all of shapes around the triangles need to be complementary tones… It isn’t particularly unwinding for a person who tends to overly complicate many things (*cough* me).

Children’s coloring books, though, are a completely different story! I love ’em. Children’s coloring books are where it’s at, girlfriend.

I color a lot with Connor in her books, which are much more my speed than the adult ones. The shapes are simpler to color-coordinate and don’t take a lot of brain power. Plus, when your toddler art director has very strong feelings about unicorns having rainbow manes, you have to listen.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu


Onward to this week’s stories…

If I were a rare book collector (and had cash to burn), I’d put in a bid for this copy of the first Western book on makeup and perfume. It dates back to 1555! If you’re interested, it goes up for auction next week in Paris.

Fave read of the week: What does it imply when a charm product is labeled clean, green or natural? Apparently, not much. As much more companies label themselves and their products as “clean,” or made without severe chemicals and for that reason better for you than unclean (?) products, there’s still no official oversight dictating what these statements mean, and it’s causing upheaval in the charm business.

I feel like you need to blast I got 5 On It when you’re using the new Hello, Calm mask from Origins, because the essential ingredient is a non-intoxicating cannabis sativa oil derived from hemp seeds.

Look what the cat dragged in!

Cult fragrance brand Byredo has a new freestanding store in London, and it’s g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.

(They also sell bags there.)

Because I know you were dying of curiosity, here’s what’s involved when Nick Jonas gets ready for photoshoots or the red carpet. According to men’s groomer Marissa Machado, his process involves bronzing, chest hair cleanup and the occasional abdominal contour.

Wet ‘n’ Wild has a new “zombie” blush that goes from black in the pan to pink on the skin, WHA?! color me confused, because if I were a zombie, I’d actually want a black blush to choose my gray skin tone… but hey, that’s just me.

Videos of cats hiking. (It’s a thing.)

Talk about the best gift ever! — now you can purchase the original old-school sweet Valley High books from the ’80s.

This father talkin’ about his 23-year old daughter’s brows cracks me up!

Anyone wanna go grocery shopping with me to this store?

Special girl, real good girl

Am I really gonna view this 20-minute video of this cat swimming? Yes, yes, I am.

Din venlige kvarter Charm Addict,


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