Tom Ford autumn 2016 Orchid Collection Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom as well as velvet Orchid Lip color

Tom Ford autumn 2016 Orchid Collection Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom ($80)
Is this jewelry, or is this makeup? — since often with Tom Ford I just can’t tell!

Do wear it on my face, or do I dangle it from a chain as well as rock it as a statement necklace? I gotta hand it to Tommy-boy for nailing the whole high-end aesthetic. He’s got it down pat, particularly when it pertains to restricted edition packaging.


Here’s a look at two of the rich as well as tasty (and expensive) purple as well as gold bits in Tom’s new autumn 2016 Orchid Collection.

Tom Ford Orchid Collection Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom ($80)
The new nine-piece restricted edition autumn release (yup, fall!) just introduced on the internet July 1, as well as it shows up at Tom Ford counters this August. It’s influenced by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, his very first fragrance.

And fragrance plays a huge part in the launch, as five of the nine pieces are perfumes, while the other four — two lipsticks as well as two blushes — are the goodies you can wear on your face.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

The Tom Ford autumn 2016 Orchid Collection includes…

Black Orchid Lip color ($60)

Velvet Orchid Lip color ($60)

Nightbloom Powder in Black Bloom ($80)

Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom ($80)

Black Orchid Solid Perfume ($190)

Velvet Orchid solid Perfume ($190)

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum ($115)

Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum ($115)

Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum ($120)

I’m a “smoky eye till I die” kinda gal, so I always look ahead to the remarkable eye pencils, eyeshadows as well as all of that fun schtuff I’m utilized to seeing for fall. So I’m a bit bummed that this release doesn’t include any type of eye makeup for me to lust after.

Tom Ford Orchid Collection velvet Orchid Lip color ($60)
Strangely, neither of these two pieces right here — pearlescent rosy plum velvet Orchid Lip color ($60) as well as sheer, cool-toned pink Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom ($80) — provide me that exact same visceral wish that I normally feel for Tom Ford’s products.

Like the velvet Orchid Lip Color? Yeah, it has all the hallmarks of a wonderful TF lippy, with its deliciously even application throughout, in as well as around the curves of my lips (none of that patchy nonsense!), its fabulously lighter-than-air formula, as well as yeah, the color, which is something I can absolutely see myself using in fall, however I dunno… I assumption I was expecting more.

Velvet Orchid Lip color ($60)

Same goes for the $80 Nightbloom Powder in velvet Bloom. Yes, it blends like a dream, however it likewise looks incredibly sheer on my cheeks.

Now, I don’t necessarily mind barely there cheek color (I’ve been into a natural look lately anyhow), however I still desire it packed a lot more punchy drama.

Tom Ford velvet Orchid Lipstick as well as velvet Bloom Powder
I’m not sure… perhaps it’s since of the packaging. The dark plum as well as gold are so strikingly elegant that I expected bolder colors inside.

Perhaps the other two products in the release commandeered a lot of of the pigment…

These two remind me of something you may see from Aerin appeal — suppressed colors as well as finishes, smooth textures, easy-to-wear formulas as well as high cost tags. If you’re an Aerin gal, these may whisper wonderful nothings to you.


Now if I might just figure out a method to turn them into wearable fashion jewelry (for me as well as Tabs! LOLZ).

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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