Saturday Surfing, July 14th, 2018

So, I’m reading a book about sourdough.

It’s fiction, as well as no, the primary character isn’t a loaf of bread (in situation you were wondering). Bread does, however, play a silent however omnipresent supporting function as a extremely tasty cast member, ha ha!


The book’s called Sourdough, by Robin Sloan, as well as it’s about a young lady who moonlights as a sourdough bread baker by night, while she works as a programmer for a robotics business in San Francisco by day.

No, really, I’m serious! You can’t make this stuff up!

Well, I mean, you can…


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Anyway, the glutinous puns are glorious! — although I acknowledge that it may be a Karen thing to delight in passages about feeding online yeast starters as well as building backyard brick ovens this much. I stayed up late reading it last night as well as dreamed about rising dough as well as proofing baskets into the early morning.

Oh, as well as inspect this out…

Don’t you like books that have maps in them?? Jeg gør. this has a map from best around right here since it takes location in the Bay Area. As we speak, I’m typing this from Novato, which is somewhat northwest of the bit drawing of the golden entrance Bridge, as well as the town I grew up in, Union City, is just south of Alameda.

If you requirement me today, I’ll be reading this. I’ll have my nose between the pages, as well as if it’s warm enough, I may even checked out a chapter by the pool.

Ah… ??️

For a bit light reading, right here are a few of the stories from around the Interwebs that caught my eye this week…

The only Kylie I keep up with is Kylie Minogue, however kudos to Kylie Jenner for making it onto the cover of Forbes. Her makeup line is worth an estimated $800 million, as well as she’s only 20 (!).

Have you seen these in your Facebook feed yet?? since I haven’t. utilizing Augmented truth (AR), you can practically try on clothes as well as makeup before you buy. It looks a great deal like a Snapchat or Instagram filter, so it’s not like going into a dressing space as well as trying something on, however still… Kinda cool. Makes me question exactly how youngsters today will be buying when they’re my age.

I can’t be the only person who’s always searching for much more makeup artists to low-key stalk, so here’s a listing of the 2018 Emmy nominees in the makeup as well as hairstyling categories. See anybody you know? I’m pleased to see glow on the list!

GO, JACKIE, GO! I’ve been a big fan of vlogger Jackie Aina for many years now, as well as I’ve been pleased to see her gorgeous deal with around the charm world lately, even just recently teaming up with as well dealt with to formulate darker shades for the born This method foundation line.

Here are a few of her preferred charm products for women of color.

These six gadgets are expected to contour as well as sculpt your deal with without makeup.

Why are some scents much more costly than others? This extremely comprehensive piece walks with the differences between pure perfumes, eau fraiche, as well as whatever in between.

Fave checked out of the week.

Is woman Gaga introducing her own charm brand a la Fenty? She’s quietly working on a new charm startup, as well as it already has Silicon Valley investors.

As somebody with a youngster who sometimes appears on Instagram doing (what I believe are) adorable things, as well as as somebody who likes seeing other people’s youngsters on the ‘gram doing adorable things, I have mixed feelings about “spawn con,” likewise understood as sponsored material featuring children.

On the one hand, youngsters born today can’t getaway technology, as well as it ain’t inexpensive to raise a child, or perhaps develop a college fund.

But on the other hand…would it be much better to wait up until a youngster is old sufficient to make his/her own decisions? With cameras, as well as wearable gadgets as well as the Web everywhere, does it even matter?? will anybody be able to prevent having their photos on the internet 10 years from now? Jeg ved ikke.

Go, science! as well as goooooooo women in plant science! Alice Tangerini is the very first as well as only botanical illustrator at the Smithsonian’s national museum of natural History, where she has been making her mark for 46 years.

I feel completely strange if I don’t checked out sufficient during the week. For me, it’s like working out, as well as the much more I read, the much better I feel.

Which reminds me…Saturday HIIT class. Snart. (Like in 15 minutes, whoops!)

You wanna go do some burpies with me? INGEN!?


Alright, alright. You have fun reading, then. delight in the rest of your day, OK?

Din venlige samfunds charme addict,


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