Saturday Surfing, December 1st, 2018

getting a great deal of play lately.
Hej ven! delighted December Caturday ?? til ya.

You know, just when I believe I’ve seen everything among the pantheon of makeup ideas as well as now it’s just the exact same bunch of fundamental ideas recycled as well as repackaged for the quadrillionth time as well as I stop expecting to ever see anybody ever add anything new to the appeal news cycle, ever, I stumble upon something I’ve never tried before, as well as often it rocks my world.


Two words: reverse foundation.

It’s a new (I think) base technique, as well as I provided it a try for the very first time the other day. It’s where you begin by applying cream products to your skin very first while it’s bare (contour, if you wear it, blush as well as then highlighter), let them set, as well as then do a sheer foundation on top.

Girl, it is game-changing.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Shoppe nu

Blowing my mind ideal now

The concept is that by layering the foundation on top of the contour/blush/highlighter products, whatever blends together so effortlessly as well as naturally that it appears like you’re using the best amount of makeup. I tried it as well as took pics the other day, as well as I believe the subtlety of the impact gets a bit lost in photographs, however it looks really, truly great in genuine life, particularly outdoors in full sun.

Try it sometime!

I’ve been even a lot more into “real life” makeup than normal lately since of a late-night vortex I got sucked into on Facebook called star Close-Up. It’s a page that articles zoomed-in pics of celebs using makeup, as well as OH, MY GOSH, it’s a revelation. I mean, I take a great deal of closeup pics of myself for the blog, as well as I’m understand that lots of things can influence the method a specific look will look in genuine life, like the direction of the light source, the color temperature of the lighting, the completes you’re wearing, the makeup brands themselves, exactly how much water you’ve been drinking, as well as the methods as well as tools you’re using, as well as the exact same looks can look cake-y one minute as well as natural the next, however to see celebs without any type of filtering or airbrushing is quite eye-opening.

I have to state that whoever is managing Kiera Knightly’s, Lupita Nyong’o’s as well as Kristen Stewart’s makeup is a freaking brilliant (hmm, I question if it’s Lisa Eldgridge’s work?), since up close all of them are using breathtaking full-coverage makeup, however it doesn’t look heavy at all.

On that note, this weekend’s reading…

This publish talks about a few of the different techniques to natural-looking, or “no-makeup,” makeup, including this year’s new-ish “boy beat” trend.

First, what’s the pattern as well as who defines it? as well as if you can’t see a “no-makeup” makeup product on your skin, does that indicate the product is doing what it’s meant to do?? Jeg er så forvirret…

One of the greatest appeal patterns ideal now is vegan makeup, as well as it’s poised to strike up into a $20.8 billion service by 2025.

Toddlers: the newest market for makeup. Stila’s former chief product advancement policeman just introduced a new makeup line called small ‘N quite for women as young as four years old.

About this, part of me thinks, “It’s all in great fun, Karen. TAKE A chill PILL,” since my mommy let me have Lip Smackers when I was a kid, however one more part of me is likewise incredibly uneasy with the concept of youngsters being shown that they requirement to do things to their faces.

Cats in literature? It’s a long tail… (Badum-tss!)

This writer made a decision to discover out what would occur if all of the makeup she had to work with was food, as well as yes, in situation you were wondering, there *was* a dry spaghetti noodle involved.

A breakdown of exactly how moisturizers work

Fave checked out of the week: The happiness of having a bare face

I’m sorry I had to subject you to this, however I can’t be the only person haunted by this MAC clean manicure.

This 39-year-old feline enthusiast ended up being a millionaire by inventing a contraption that potty trains cats.

This dude makes udon noodles from scratch while he hangs out with his cats!

Modern day feline women tend to the kitties that online in the ruins of Rome.

Ooh, I wanna try this.

And I want to try this as well (I’m a bit consumed with Pixiwoo at the moment).

OK, now I’m off to go laundry my brushes since I haven’t done a deep clean in weeks. I’ve just been wiping the exact same ones off on a paper towel as well as expecting the best. #keepingitreal!

Man, often you gotta do what you gotta do to make it with the day, you know? Lol! ?


You have a great weekend, OK?

Din venlige samfund appelmisbruger,


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