ALL THE FEELS! The Purple and Pink urban Decay Vice liquid Lipsticks, and the crazy emotional ride I went on yesterday

PURPLE POWER! (Wearing urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in ZZ)
If I’d known what I was getting into yesterday before taking Connor to her first official outing involving a large group of babies, I would have done some deep breathing exercises or yoga beforehand.

We went to our first Kindermusik class, which is like a loosely organized music circle for babies. There’s a guitar-playing teacher who leads the troupe through songs and dances and baby sign language lessons and, basically, I lived a lifetime of emotions in the 40 minutes we were there. I got all the feels! Pige, jeg var et rod.


What does this have to do with these new urban Decay Vice liquid Lipsticks? Well, I’m wearing them in this episodic representation of the emotional roller coaster ride I went on in Kindermusik class, LOL!

The urban Decay Vice liquid Lipsticks are a new line of lippies from UD. They’re $18 each, and these are the purple and pink shades. (I reviewed the orange and red shades and the nude and brown shades last week.)

These last about four hours on my lips, which is consistent with the other bright shades I’ve tried and ok for a liquid lipstick…although not exceptional. I was hoping they’d last longer, but I do have to say that they feel FABULOUS! The formula isn’t drying at all — another plus for a liquid lipstick — and I think they look great.

They’re available now online and at UD stores and counters.

The first emotion: nervousness, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Twitch

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Twitch
I was a little nervous when we walked into the class because, ya know, it was the first time Connor had hung out with a large group of babies. Was she going to scream? Was she going to be quiet and coy? would she be outgoing? would the other babies be nice to her? would she try to meow to everyone like she does to Tabs? I didn’t know!

Turns out she was fine. She was super cautious and reserved when we first sat down, but maybe she was picking up on my energy.


Katte og makeup sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

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The second emotion: pure joy, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in ZZ

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in ZZ
As the music started and everyone began singing and clapping and dancing together, she started to really enjoy herself. She was laughing, smiling and very interested in the teacher’s guitar.

The third emotion: togetherness, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Firebird

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Firebird

Pretty soon Connor and I got into the zone! I was lifting her up and twirling her around and bouncing her up and down. We rocked out, man. You don’t even know.

The fourth emotion: slightly grossed out, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Mad

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Mad
Then we did this one activity where we tossed a whole bunch of small inflatable balls across the room and, you know, babies being babies…some of them put them in their mouth.

I remember grabbing one of the balls, and it was completely soaking wet with spit. I thought, “Good lord, please don’t let Connor put this one in her mouth.”

I kept telling myself c’est la vie. It’s just what babies do, but still…I was slightly grossed out.

The fifth emotion: bittersweet, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Pandemonium

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Pandemonium
There was a moment during the class — the strangest moment in the whole experience — when I felt overjoyed, but also a little sad. It was during quiet time. The teacher turned down the lights and turned on a quiet, soothing song. all of the parents quieted down and sat along one of the walls, and then the teacher started blowing bubbles into the air.

The babies emerged from the wall like awkward butterflies exploring the world for the first time. most of them stayed close to their moms and dads, but Connor just took off! She crawled as fast as she could to the center of the room all by herself like it was a stage, then stood up, did a little dance and waved both hands to everybody.

Then she crawled to the other side of the room and chased some bubbles. I kept trying to get her to come back to me, but she was too busy having a good time.

I started to tear up… It was a glimpse into the future. Someday she’s going to go out into the world, and I won’t be there to catch bubbles for her.

Makes me a little happy and sad at the same time.

The sixth emotion: relief, as told by urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in big Bang

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in big Bang
After seeing how happy and comfortable Connor was in the group, I felt relieved. She’s going to be OK. Me, on the other hand, I don’t know. If a Kindermusik class can drive me to tears, how am I gonna be when she graduates from high school??


OMG! Jeg kommer foran mig selv.

Din venlige naboskabs skønhedsadmed,


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